17229 15th Avenue NE
Shoreline, WA, USA

Coming Fall 2020

We're building a gym that we want to climb in

In our 7300 square foot facility, there are walls of 5, 15, 30, 45, and 60 degrees, a Moon Board and a Tension Board, plus hang boards, a campus board, and exercise equipment.

We're building a gym where we live

Situated in the North City Business District of Shoreline, Uplift Climbing finally puts a climbing gym on the north side of Lake Washington.

We're building a gym to serve a community

Whether you're a lifelong climber or just getting started, everything about us is purpose built to help climbers reach new levels as outdoor athletes.



  • $75/Month Recurring
  • $59/Month Recurring Youth/Student/Military*
  • $129/Month Recurring Couple**
  • $129 + $25/person Recurring Family***
  • $89 Single Month Membership (no initiation)
  • $69 Single Month Membership, Youth/Student/Military* (no initiation)


  • $20 Day Pass
  • $15 Day Pass, Youth/Student/Military*
  • $180 10 Visit Punch Card
  • $135 10 Visit Punch Card, Youth/Student/Military*
Prices do not include Washington State Sales Tax


  • $50 Individual
  • $35 Youth/Student/Military*
  • $65 Couple/Family**/***


  • Recurring memberships receive 2 guest passes per month
  • 10% off on retail
  • No long-term commitment, cancellation/freezes 14 days prior to billing
  • Member-only events and classes (TBD)
  • *Valid current military or student ID must be shown. Must be revalidated every 12 months.
  • **Must be a romantic couple, siblings, or parent and child.
  • ***$25/person added on to couples price, must be parents plus children under 18.
  • Membership can be frozen for up to 3 months at a time, twice a year non-consecutively.


The first time you pull onto a climbing wall, you have to try hard. To top out your first boulder or push into a new grade, you have to try even harder. We all love how climbing moves our bodies and keeps us mentally sharp. At Uplift Climbing, we give you the tools to try really, really hard.

Trying hard is always easier with friends. Friends and mentors taught us everything from proper footwork to how to arrange the crash pads for a proper landing. Uplift Climbing is a place where climbers support and encourage each other, a place where people ask you “what’s your project? How is it going?”

Uplift Climbing is built to serve climbers. This is our first mission. This can come in many forms, from the style of our routesetting to the manner in which we serve from the front desk. It’s our goal to be the best facility for climbers to come climb, train, and find their climbing community.

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